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Alex Meilichson

Alex Meilichson was born in Meridia, Venezuela. He relocated to Israel in his teens with his family and studied sociology and political science at Tel Aviv University.

His formal training as an artist began when he returned to Venezuela to study at the Cristobal Rojas Art School in Caracas. His studies were completed in New York City at the renowned Art Students League.

Alex Meilichson has developed a figurative style, using a palette of brilliant colors. His favorite media are ink, acrylic and oil on canvas. He paints Judaic themes, landscapes and still life in an expressionist ‘Ecole de Paris’ approach. His imagery is typified by an imaginary and playful world where one encounters a sense of wonderment and joy. His colors are exotic and bold, hinting at the influence of the Fauves, primarily Matisse and Chagall.

Alex currently divides his time between Israel and New York and travels extensively each year to Norway, Paris and Provence where he derives much of his inspiration from the locales he visits and the fabric of life he encounters in his travels.

Alex has exhibited in Caracas, Venezuela, appeared at Art Expo, New York and held a one-person exhibition at the Moshe Monson Gallery in Jerusalem.

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