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Gallery Director Jared Hamer and his partner Irene van Huyssteen outside of Park West Gallery Las Vegas


When you visit the Park West Gallery in Las Vegas from now on, you might recognize a new face or two among the artwork. Please join us in officially welcoming our new Gallery Director, Jared Hamer, to Las Vegas!


If you’re a regular Park West collector, you may already know the name, Jared Hamer. Jared has been working on cruise ships with Park West Gallery for eight years and recently completed a contract as Principal Auctioneer onboard the Norwegian Prima! After working at sea for over a decade, Jared and his partner Irene van Huyssteen have decided to settle down in Fabulous Las Vegas to help Assistant Gallery Director Isabella Kowalski run our wildly successful Las Vegas gallery. 



To help you all get to know Jared a little better, we asked the new land lubber about his transition from Auctioneer to Gallery Director:


Where is your hometown? 

“The wine country of South Africa. A little town called Paarl that is also one of the oldest cities in South Africa.”


Hamer and Van Huyssteen in South Africa


How long have you been working at Park West Gallery? 

“After working on 13 cruise ships and traveling the world for just over 8 years, I feel like I’m just getting started.”


Who’s your favorite Park West artist? 

“I think it’s extraordinary that Peter Max‘s work has been collected for over 50 years by collectors who are young and old, both local and international, and I’ve loved it since day one. Oh, and the colors!”


What is your favorite memory of working at PWG? 

“Let me pick one from the 1000, thank you for the easy question! (Haha) Besides traveling and sharing my passion for art with thousands of people, there was this one time I had the pleasure of introducing a million-dollar artist to a packed cruise ship, and then he painted live while sailing in Alaskan waters. And I was getting paid to do it! Thank you, Park West and Wyland, for the core memory!”


Hamer and Van Huyssteen with John Karay, Senior VP of Operations at Park West Gallery, and his lovely wife, Ann Karay.



What’s the most exciting thing about moving to Las Vegas so far? 

“Las Vegas has something for everyone. Although it’s famous for its Casinos and nightlife, Las Vegas is also full of entertainment options for people of all ages. From amazing museums, shows, and interactive activities, to world-renowned restaurants and even outdoor activities like snowboarding. Vegas has it all! And we saw Taylor Swift! 



What are you most excited to do as Gallery Director at Park West Vegas?

“Welcome and host events for our new and existing clients, present artwork that’s over 500 years old, and host fun activities like jazz evenings, cocktail parties, artist shows, dinner parties, or perhaps even an auction or two! And then, being able to go home and water a plant, or who knows, we might even get a puppy!”


Hamer and Van Huyssteen at the Las Vegas Ballpark


If you live in Las Vegas or plan to visit soon, be sure to stop by our main gallery on the second floor of the Forum Shops above Joe’s Stone Crab and say hi to Jared and Irene! You can get to know Jared even more by following him on Instagram!

Follow Park West Gallery Las Vegas on Instagram for regular updates about the gallery.


Park West Gallery has three locations at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Current hours of operation are 12 pm to 8 pm Sunday to Thursday and 12 pm to 9 am Friday and Saturday. For more information, please visit ParkWestVegas.com or call 702-630-1037.

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