Brighten Your Home With Our Limited-Time Thomas Kinkade Sale

Park West Gallery Thomas Kinkade

Peaceful Retreat” (2002), Thomas Kinkade

After enduring a winter that overstayed its welcome, we could all use a little extra light in our lives. Who better to turn to than the late Thomas Kinkade for some warm, life-affirming artwork?

Park West Gallery is proud to present a special collection of 27 works on canvas by the “Painter of Light,” including four works recently released from the archives. This sale is only around for a limited time, so be sure to view the full collection here.

Park West Gallery has worked with Kinkade and his studio since 2002. In Art Brand Studio’s 2016 edition of “Thomas Kinkade,” Park West Gallery Founder and CEO Albert Scaglione recalls how the gallery has witnessed the positive impact Kinkade’s radiant art has on its collectors firsthand.

Park West Gallery Thomas Kinkade

Garden of Prayer” Thomas Kinkade

“We, at Park West Gallery, will always be grateful for the years we were able to spend working with him, and are equally grateful to his studio for continuing his legacy and our relationship, so that his journey to bring the pleasures of art to so many, is still moving on,” Scaglione says.

Park West’s sale features quintessential Kinkade imagery—cozy cottages, majestic mountains, and rustic gardens, all portrayed in the bright pastels and ethereal light that earned Kinkade the moniker “Painter of Light.”

“What I paint touches on foundational life values. Home, family, peacefulness,” Kinkade once said. “And one of those messages I try to constantly get across is, ‘Slow it down and enjoy every moment.’”

Disney fans will want to check out Kinkade’s Disney Dreams Collection, depicting classic animated films like “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Lion King,” and “Peter Pan.” Kinkade brings these familiar characters to life with incredible detail and his signature luminosity, capturing them like no other artist can.

Kinkade always believed in the quality of his art. Each of the sale’s 27 limited-edition artworks is created on premium canvas and carefully hand embellished by skilled artisans. Each work faithfully recalls the color, mood, and texture of Kinkade’s original brushstrokes.

Thomas Kinkade Park West Gallery

Thomas Kinkade artwork at Park West Gallery

Kinkade’s blend of technique, traditional values, and accessible imagery made him one of the most collected living artists until his passing in 2012.

Discover for yourself the magic of Kinkade art by viewing the collection. Contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or to learn how to collect these amazing works.

54 Responses to Brighten Your Home With Our Limited-Time Thomas Kinkade Sale

  1. Julian Joiner says:

    I am interested in some Kinkade Disney paintings. would like some info

    • parkwestgal says:

      Thank you for your interest Julian! We have let our gallery consultants know of your request, but you may also contact them with this link: Contact Us

  2. Jacquelyn DeJesus says:

    I was wondering how much the beauty in the beast painting would be?

  3. Jean Walsh says:

    I would like to see all Thomas Kinkade that you have on sale which are singed, numbered prints as well as prices thanks

  4. Juan Santiago says:

    when is the next vip event in florida?

  5. DR TM REDDY says:

    Looking at the price of the Quiet Evening

    • parkwestgal says:

      Thank you, your request has been provided to our gallery consultants! Someone will reach out to you soon, but feel free to follow up at this link: Contact Us

  6. Millie Bevins says:

    I am very interested in Thomas Kinkade’s art! Send me more info

    • parkwestgal says:

      Will do, Millie! Our gallery consultants have been provided your information and will contact you soon. You may also reach out to our Sales Department here: Contact Us

  7. WendySanderson says:

    I am very interested in Thomas Kinkade’s art sale. Could you please send me more details? I live in Tenerife so am unable to come to gallery to view paintings

  8. R. A. Johnson says:

    Checking price on Thomas Kinkade’s Umbrella

    • parkwestgal says:

      Thank you for your interest in Kinkade art! Our gallery consultants will be in contact with you soon. You may also request information using the following link: Contact Us

  9. Vilma Morales says:

    I’m interested in Clearing the Storms: Size and price and if there is an option to have the art framed. Thanks!

    • parkwestgal says:

      Thank you Vilma! Someone from our Sales Department will be in contact with you. You can also request pricing and framing information here: Contact Us

  10. Jason Thetford says:

    Interested in “Garden of Prayer”, price and how to obtain.

    • parkwestgal says:

      Hello Jason! One of our gallery consultants will reach out to you soon regarding “Garden of Prayer.” Feel free to contact us here as well: Contact Us

  11. WILLIAM RUGG says:


  12. Beverley Corbett says:

    My husband and I spent a lot of time, while on our Pacific Cruise last year, in the Art Studio enjoying Thomas Kinkade’s various artworks on display. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to buy one, but we did love his art.

  13. Stuart BARONOFSKY says:

    If I read this correctly, these are not works by Thomas Kinkade, they are copies. Am I correct?

    • parkwestgal says:

      Hello Stuart. These 27 limited-edition artworks are giclees created on canvas and hand embellished by artisans to replicate Kinkade’s brushstrokes. Each work is based on an original, unique painting Kinkade created that was released by his estate.

  14. Lillian Evans says:

    I am interested.

  15. Danita Bratcher says:

    I am interested in the Thomas Kinkade:
    A Perfect Red Rose 2001
    16″ x 12″

    I have recently purchase other Kinkades. What is the price of this piece?
    Is it currently on sale?

    Thank you,
    Danita Bratcher

    • parkwestgal says:

      Hello Danita! We have provided your request to our gallery consultants, who will be in contact with you soon regarding the Kinkade art. You may also feel free to request information here: Contact Us

  16. Alexis Silcox says:

    I am interested in Lombard Street painting. Would like a quote for this work. I am a returning customer.

    • parkwestgal says:

      Thank you for your interest, Alexis! Your request has been provided to our gallery consultants, but please feel free to follow up with us here: Contact Us

  17. Carlos Perea says:

    I am interested in peacefull retreat, can you please indicate price availability and process to obtain it?
    Best regards

  18. Matt Knight says:

    I already have multiple Thomas Kinkade paintings from Park West and are interested in multiple others. Can I get a complete list and pricing on all in stock

    • parkwestgal says:

      Thank you for collecting with us Matt! Someone form our sales department will be in touch with you soon. You may also contact us here: Contact Us

  19. Martha says:

    I am interested if Holiday Gathering is included in the sale!!

  20. James Robinson says:

    Will Kincades embellished works be on princess cruise out of Seattle on on the 29th of July. Or maybe at renaissance Marriott in Seattle on the 28th of July. Thanks! Jim

  21. michael morris says:

    I would be interested in knowing what “sale” means and to know which pieces are on sale

  22. Tracey Ann Foster says:

    I am very interested in Gardens Beyond Spring Gate. Oh, how I love this painting…

    • parkwestgal says:

      We’re glad you like it Tracey! Our gallery consultants have been made aware of your interest and will be in touch soon. You may also request more information here: Contact Us

  23. darren kendall says:

    could I get a price on “the lion king” please

    • parkwestgal says:

      No problem Darren! Our gallery consultants will reach out to you to provide more information. Alternatively, you may also request pricing here: Contact Us

  24. Christine says:

    I love Thomas Kinkade art work. Can you tell me how much the Lion king framed would be?

    • parkwestgal says:

      Hi Christine! Someone from our sales department will reach out to you regarding the Lion King artwork. you may also request more information here: Contact Us

  25. Portia Strelbski says:

    Checking the price of the one with the lighthouse

  26. Gordon Hughes says:

    Would you please advise as to the price of “Disneyland 50th Anniversary” and “Peaceful Retreat”

    • parkwestgal says:

      Thank you for your interest, Gordon! We have provided your information to our gallery consultants, who will reach out to you soon. You may also request pricing with this link: Contact Us

  27. James says:

    I am interested in the Lion King

    • parkwestgal says:

      Thank you for your interest James! We have passed along your request to our gallery consultants. Additionally, you may contact us using the forms found here: Contact Us

  28. Penny Glazer says:

    I love Thomas K, I purchased a few of his pictures on cruises. I would like a price on the Disney 50th Anniversary and a few others. Should I call you? What are your hours?

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