Triumph Blue/Brown

Triumph Blue/Brown
Derubeis Chris Triumph Blue/Brown 2014 44" x 51" Mixed media on four aluminum panels including air-brush painting and hand ground surfaces. Hand-signed in pigment by the artist. A unique work. This unique mixed-media is produced on hand ground aluminum and hand painted using a combination of urethane acrylic and a chemical cocktail that is proprietary to the artist. It is then covered with high-gloss urethane clear coating. Collectors will receive a different example from the same series than the one presented. The work received is also a mixed-media work hand created by the artist and is a unique work yielding different light and surface characteristics which vary with each work in the series. The artist has offered the following regarding care for the work: For cleaning use a dry soft cloth to lightly rub off dust. To remove fingerprints use a diluted detail dust-off spray which can be obtained at an auto parts store. The surface coating is the same clear coat as used on an automobile finish. Four panel suite includes the following titles: 324412 Triumph Blue/Brown (quadtych) (panel 1) 44 x 11" 324413 Triumph Blue/Brown (quadtych) (panel 2) 32 1/2" x 14 1/2" 324414 Triumph Blue/Brown (quadtych) (panel 3) 32 1/2" x 14 1/2" 324415 Triumph Blue/Brown (quadtych) (panel 4) 44" x 11""
Triumph Blue/Brown
DeRubeis, Chris
44 " x 51 "
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